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Craft Beer Cost

For plenty of drinkers, craft beer offers a chance to try something different. Something local, something a bit more uncommon from that which you’d find in cans at the supermarket. There’s a lot of care put into crafting a good local beer! That being said, many people are quick to wonder why does craft beer cost so much, at least compared to standard ales and lagers.

In the UK, there’s always been a debate over how much a pint of beer should cost. It does tend to vary from brewery to brewery. However, millions of people are willing to pay that little bit extra for something special.

It’s a Labour of Love

One of the main reasons why craft beer costs so much is that it simply takes longer to get right. While mass-produced lagers, ales and other beers can be cheaply brewed to ship across the country, craft beer experts take plenty of time and effort to get things perfect. It’s said that craft beers are up to 10 times more flavoursome than everyday brews. That’s hard to argue – and what’s more, it’s understandable that it takes genuine patience and work to get right.

There are High-Quality Ingredients

While supermarket beer, again, is largely produced cheaply for the mass market, craft beer makes use of some intriguing ingredients. These are used to create high-quality beers and unique flavours. For example, you could enjoy a craft beer which has more barley or better quality hops and malt than an everyday lager.

There are also plenty of craft beers with unique flavours and styles. You could try one infused with coffee beans or tea leaves, for example. Tying in with the point above about a good beer taking time to make properly, you might also drink a craft beer made with age-old ingredients. Craft beers take time, effort and – of course – money to bring to life.

craft beer cost
You get what you pay for!

Craft Brewing is a Self-Made Business

Everyday lagers and beers have connections and can easily ship across the UK and beyond. Local breweries and start-ups, however, will likely find this more difficult. A local craft beer team will have a bit of a mountain to climb as far as distribution is concerned. This is another factor which is going to cost the brewer money if they want to reach a good number of drinkers.

Essentially, the cost of craft beers reflects the efforts of the brewers. As with all local businesses, you can sometimes expect costs to be higher as it’s more labour on the part of the owner. However, millions of us love trying craft beers for their incredible, unique blends and flavours. We’re willing to pay the price for a great brew!

Finding the Best Beers

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