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While we all love a good beer off the supermarket shelf or from a pub fridge once in a while, it’s sometimes nice to try something a little bit different.  Plenty of people prefer to look for local, independent brews over the big names you see on the pumps.  But why is this?  More to the point – what is a good craft beer definition?

Here at Northern Brews, we scour local breweries and cellars to find the most interesting blends and recipes.  However, we also understand that craft beer is still something of a mystery to many drinkers!  In this guide, we will take a quick look at what you can expect.

Craft Beer Definition

It’s widely accepted that a craft beer is one that is made by an independent brewer.  It’s a brew that has been carefully designed and created with tools and ingredients at home, or in a workshop.  While big breweries and beer brands can easily and cheaply produce lagers and ales on a massive scale, these smaller brands rely on their own equipment and moxie. 

In recent years, the idea of a craft beer has become attractive to millions of different drinkers.  There’s been a bit of a shift between wanting to pay s minimum for an everyday lager and a little bit more for an uncommon flavour.  Many craft beers go for the unique approach!  They throw in ingredients such as chilli, chocolate, coffee and more besides.  What’s more, the appeal in a great craft beer lies in the fact that it’s been brewed with genuine passion and effort.

Telling the Difference

Thanks to the craft beer boom in recent years, it has become a little more difficult for many drinkers to find the genuine article.  Plenty of big breweries have capitalised on the craft trend by producing beers which have that craft look and appeal.  Sometimes, it’s all in the marketing.  However, if it can’t be traced back to an independent crafter, it’s probably not a craft beer.

The craft beer definition doesn’t always mean you’re drinking a brew made in somebody’s kitchen.  Plenty of independent brewers and brands have sophisticated kit!  It takes genuine time, money and effort to get a craft beer tasting just right, which is also why people are willing to pay a little more for it.

what is craft beer

A true craft beer is also one which is rare.  You won’t find genuine craft beers on tap in every mainstream pub.  You’ll find them tucked away in local drinking houses, shops and direct from the brewery itself.

Trying a Craft Beer

Now that we’ve got to grips with what craft beer is, how can you try one for real?  Here at Northern Brews, we work hard to put together boxes of brilliant, local flavours you simply won’t find on the supermarket shelves.  Therefore, every box you receive is a new experience!

Interested in giving craft beers a try?  Take a look at our range of beer boxes, take out a subscription, or contact our team for more details.