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Snozzed? Having searched various reputable dictionaries, I can find no such word. It sounds to me like a term used to describe the act of striking, or being struck, on the nose, e.g. I copped a cheeky glimpse at the vicar’s bottom and promptly got snozzed for my trouble.

The design on the can shows a brickwork background from which gaze various sinister eyes (perhaps in search of some priestly hindquarters). It brings to mind a blind urban alley in which one may fall prey to an ambush and become… well, snozzed.

Will this DIPA leave me feeling as though I have been duffed up by a mob of inner city rapscallions? 7.3% suggests that it might. Oh, well – knuckledusters on!

The Pour

As the glass fills, the brew churns violently like a disgruntled Lurpak employee. It then settles into a deep golden smoulder, and for a moment I believe I am being visited by the ghost of Bob Monkhouse’s forehead.

I haven’t seen anything so orange and attractive since my wife dressed up as an Oompa Loompa on one of our special Thursdays. It has certainly got me in the mood!

The Aroma & Flavour

This is a fragrantly fruity libation! A small explosion of citrus, banana and tropical aromas and I no longer feel I am being assaulted in an urban alleyway; instead, I am being battered on a Bahaman beach! And I’m much happier for it!

In the mouth, the beer takes on a thick, round character, and I could almost be emptying the contents of a delicious lava lamp down my throat. Hops are present, but they act merely as a backdrop, graciously allowing the sweeter notes to take the spotlight.

And that thuggish 7.3% I mentioned earlier? Like a sleeping bear, it’s there but it isn’t intimidating.

Get Snozzed Beer
Dreaming of how best to Get Snozzed!

In Summary

I was wrong. Rather than feeling beaten against a brick wall, I have the sense of sitting in a serene pine forest while eating a banana split. And if that bear rouses from his slumber, we can Get Snozzed together!

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The Facts

Brewery: S43

Beer Name: Get Snozzed

ABV: 7.3%

Beer Style: DIPA