12 Beer Wonder Box


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A special one-off box.

Get yourself 12 superb beers for only £38, including delivery.

There are only 7 of this box available, so you’re going to have to be swift,

Here’s a full list of the beers contained in this special box:

  1. Abbeydale – Heathen (4.1%)
  2. Abbeydale – Birdhouse (4.2%)
  3. Beer Brothers – Black Widow (9.9%)
  4. Beer Brothers – Stouty McStoutface (4.7%)
  5. Bone Machine – Garden of Death (7%)
  6. Chapter – Some Idle Tongue (4.3%)
  7. Cloudwater – A Local Attraction (4.3%)
  8. Legitimate Industries – Election Fraud (4%)
  9. Legitimate Industries – Identity Theft (5.3%)
  10. Mobberley – UnChained (4.4%)
  11. Mobberley – Playback (5.2%)
  12. Polly’s Brew Co – Chinook Ekuanot (6.2%)

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Abbeydale – Heathen (4.1%)

This wonderfully refreshing pale session beer showcases the marvellous Mosaic hops from America. Bursting with tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant citrus bitterness. Just in case there wasn’t enough in the initial brew, they have dry hopped with even more Mosaic for good measure!

Abbeydale – Birdhouse (4.2%)

A collaboration with Birdhouse Tea Co. Jasmine, summer fruits & Hibiscus come through on the aroma. Wonderful pale ale with slight pink tinge. Fruity and floral, with a nice hoppy edge.

Beer Brothers – Black Widow (9.9%)

Molasses plays an essential role in the creation of this dark, intense and warming Imperial Triple. This “sipping” beer has hints of earthy blackcurrants and a kick of liquorice, balanced with citrus tones from dry-hopping with Amarillo.

Beer Brothers – Stouty McStoutface (4.7%)

A velvety smooth Irish-style dry stout. Brewed with additional oats and wheat for a full mouthfeel. A full black beer with coffee-like roasted barley derived from the addition of chocolate and black malts. Bittered with Target, with Goldings providing sweet honey aroma and gentle chocolate flavour.

Bone Machine – Garden of Death (7%)

Full flavours and a heavy emphasis on aroma, this is a juicy, fruity and wonderfully smooth IPA for those who like their beer with depth, character and a dry finish that frankly leaves you craving for more

Chapter – Some Idle Tongue (4.3%)

Dry Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Summer, this is accentuated by a blend of Belgian yeasts, a dash of Rye, a sprinkling of Coriander Seed and a crack of Black Pepper.

Cloudwater – A Local Attraction (4.3%)

Nicely balanced Pale Ale, combining a trio of classic hops that found popularity in the Pale Ales of America’s West Coast.

Legitimate Industries – Election Fraud (4%)

Election Fraud You won’t believe this is only a 4% beer! The sheer volume of tropical fruit and orange zest flavours from the Citra and Calypso hops could easily make it pass for a 6% IPA.

Legitimate Industries – Identity Theft (5.3%)

This is a big, sweet and juicy APA, dry-hopped with American and New Zealand hops Simcoe and Taiheke, which give it most of its character. Underpinned with subtler kettle hops Citra, Centennial and Heul Melon

Mobberley – UnChained (4.4%)

A session version of Unnamed. Same malts, same hops; double dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic this is their session NEIPA

Mobberley – Playback (5.2%)

An easy drinking, clear, crisp & clean West Coast IPA. Big US hops balance against a malty backbone.

Polly’s Brew Co – Chinook Ekuanot (6.2%)

Sweet, dry and incredibly moreish. This is an IPA that’ll leave you wanting more.


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