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Our boxes will give you access to craft beers made by breweries you will not be able to get locally.

We want to take you on a journey celebrating the amazing breweries across the North of England, North Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each box will tell a story of the a different area.

Each month the brewers will match songs to each beer, in most cases with tunes rooted in that area. We then compile this on a Spotify playlist for you to play, whilst you kick back and enjoy your northern brews!

We will also tell you about top drinking spots in each area, so if you visit there you know where to go for some top brews!

There are so many top craft breweries in the North, and we want to give them more exposure by bringing them direct to you. We believe in regionality and seasonality, therefore each box will not only celebrate an area but also the seasons. As a result of this, you’ll get a few more darker beers to warm those cockles on a winter’s night. Expect to see Stouts and Porters in amongst your Pales and IPAs. Come spring/summer you’ll see more light hoppy numbers to refresh including Saisons and Sours.

We hope that you are as excited to receive your Northern Brews Beer boxes, as much as we are to curate and send them out to you. This is a journey into beer!