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London’s Best Craft Beers

Finding a good craft beer in London or elsewhere can be tricky.  However, once you’ve gotten into the craft beer scene, you may start to have a taste of what to look for.  When drinking in the capital, it will likely be a good idea to head to independent bars and tap rooms to get a closer look at some of London’s tastiest independent brews.  However, it’s good to see that there are more and more craft beer brewers making their way into the wider market.

Here at Northern Brews, we aim to bring you a wide selection of fantastic, genuine and unique craft beers in boxes throughout the year.  As our name suggests, we currently cater to beers brewed in the north of England, as well as Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of Wales.  That means, right now, we aren’t carrying craft beers from London.  However, that’s not to say you can’t go exploring the capital to get a taste for it!

Looking for a Craft Beer in London

If you’re a craft beer fan travelling down to London from the north, you’re going to want to make a beeline for the best pubs and bars offering the most interesting brews.  Before taking on a subscription box from Northern Brews, why not check out some of the best craft beer London has on offer?

London is absolutely bustling with unique bars, pubs and speakeasies.  It’s a very creative city and one which has moved with the times in a big way.  You’ll likely find streets of traditional ale houses and more modern ‘hipster’ venues scattered about along the way.  If you’re keen to try a local brew that deviates from the norm, there are a few taprooms and pop-ups which should satisfy your thirst.

There are wall-to-wall brews at venues such as the popular Draft House on Old Street, which is part of a wider chain and, conveniently, isn’t too far from the local tube.  This unconventional bar often has 20 or so craft beers and ales on the go at any one time, which means you’ll be spoilt for choice.

craft beer in london
Draft House on Old Street

St James’s London Beer House, found on the Royal Opera Arcade, is a trendy, modern beer house with wooden plaques and a regular circulation of unique beers for you to sample.  Another great spot that’s well-reviewed and rated is the Queen’s Head, based in King’s Cross.  Interestingly, it’s also been celebrated for its cider and is recognised by CAMRA.

A Taste Journey

While London, much like any modern city, has tons of drinking houses and chances for you to sample craft beer, there’s nothing to say you should ever travel too far to get a great brew.  We recommend you check out craft beer London and elsewhere – but why not sample some of the best tastes of the north with a subscription box?

Northern Brews offer subscription boxes and one-off crates crammed full of interesting brews and beers from local, independent brewers.  Why not give one a try, or contact us for more details?