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What is an X-Panda? Is it, rather upsettingly for conservationists, similar to Monty Python’s ex-parrot? Or is it meant to ‘expand’ something or other? Chest? Mind? Underwear elastic? I can’t think of any part of my clothing (or my anatomy) that wouldn’t be improved with a bit of expansion, so let’s get on with it!

The Pour

The lily-white head sticks around longer than a Tottenham supporter after a semi-final victory, which is always an encouraging sign. The beer itself is very light. In fact, the last time I saw something this pale with bubbles, I was watching the video for Michael Jackson’s Leave Me Alone. Did Jacko ever own a panda? I don’t know. Is that important? Maybe not. But is it a coincidence that it was not until after Jackson’s death that the giant panda species was downgraded from Endangered to Vulnerable? I doubt it.

The Aroma & Flavour

Still in search of the panda angle, I expect the scent of bamboo to envelope my nose like a stir fry-based soda. Instead, however, I detect the sweetness of peaches and pineapple, and these rich, round notes carry over into the flavour. Then come hops and malt, gliding across my palate momentarily, and then disappearing as swiftly as they came – rather like those roller-skating pandas from the Kit Kat commercial. I’m left with no choice but to guzzle another good glug if I want a second delicious mouthful of vulnerable mammals. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want one of those?

Brew York – X-Panda Beer Review
Tasty stuff, nom nom nom

In Summary

If, like Ming Ming (formerly of London Zoo), you happen to find yourself part of a robust breeding programme, a drop of this splendid brew might be just the thing to get you in the mood.

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The Facts

Brewery: Brew York

Beer Name: X-Panda

ABV: 4.5%

Beer Style: IPA