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The joyously coloured can, with its pale blue and green shades, is full of vernal promise, and I cannot help but smile as I look forward to the prospect of barbecues-yet-to-come. Then I notice the enraged android staring out of the design, its mechanical eyes brimming with a fury worthy of 1996 down-on-his-luck Kevin Keegan. Atop its bread bin head there sits a cog-enabled crown, the significance of which is currently a mystery to me. Maybe all will become clear once I get the contents down my waiting neck…

The Pour

The beer hits the glass and, such is the ferocity of the fizz, my ears are filled with the roar of a tiny but rapturous audience. The straw-coloured nectar harbours a glowing golden core that suggests a warmth and smoothness at loggerheads with the aggressive automaton still snarling from the side of the tin. I am immediately transported back to the 1980s and a TV advert for Castrol GTX that somehow made motor oil seem sexy, and now I can’t wait to take my first slurp…

The Aroma & Flavour

Before my mouth gets involved, my nose is led to believe it has wandered into a traditional sweet shop; aromas of sherbet lemon and parma violet dance around my nostrils, before being dispersed by the waft of fresh lavender. I raise the brim to my lips and tilt the glass.

Hasta la vista, baby! The sourness is electric! It is as though my tongue has been yanked from my throat and tasered by that girl robot assassin from Terminator 3 – which is every bit as invigorating as it sounds! It is an eye-popping experience and, initially, quite a shock! Even after that maiden mouthful has been swallowed, the electricity lingers as though my throat is being guarded by a phalanx of jolly, well-meaning wasps. However, they sit tight and weather the storm as mouthful upon mouthful of this tantalizingly tangy libation is thrown into my eager maw.

I’ll be back (for another beer)

In Summary

Probably not for everyone but, given the chance, I’LL BE BACK for another drop! I’m still not sure why the crown is significant, though – perhaps because it’s ‘king delicious!

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The Facts

Brewery: Brew York

Beer Name: Twisted Transistor

ABV: 7.1%

Beer Style: Sour