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The colour scheme on the can puts me simultaneously in mind of dandelion and burdock, the purple Quality Street, and a blackcurrant liquorice. And what do these three treats have in common?

They are each an unmistakeable sign of sweet, shameless opulence. I therefore expect that, after a single slurp of this high-class nectar, I will assume the identity of King George IV and commandeer a horse to Brighton, where I will carouse with unprecedented rambunctiousness and gout-mocking carelessness.

Sounds great! Let’s go…

The Pour

Once inside the glass, the beer roars to life, and waiting for the head to calm down is like waiting for the DFS sale to end. While I drool in anticipation, I study the brew beneath: It resembles neither blackcurrant, liquorice, nor dandelion and burdock. Instead, I am reminded of a giant, pearlescent Lockets lozenge, and this does nothing to alleviate the expectation of bold flavours.

The Aroma & Flavour

Strangely enough, a blackcurrant tang tickles the back of my nose. This is rounded off by a somehow distant but heavy scent of diesel, like a thundercloud on the horizon during an amethyst sunset, or like effeminate Teletubby Tinky Winky astride a jazzed-up racing tractor.

Both sights would surely provoke feelings of great arousal among even the most stern-faced of onlookers. One tilt of the glass and my mouth is confronted with a big, round flavour, as though the hops were once steeped in honey. There is certainly something medicinal about this heady brew!

What’s more, it is strong and extremely moreish.

brew york nuba beer
Shades of purple abound on the can and nose.

In Summary

“Doctor! Doctor! My dog’s got no nose.”

“Sir, I am a GP, not a veterinarian.”

“Ah, I see. My mistake.”

After two or three delectable cans of NUBA, this is the kind of conversation you may well find yourself embroiled in, most likely with an inanimate object such as a house plant or novelty paperweight. And you’ll keep going back for more!

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The Facts

Brewery: Brew York

Beer Name: NUBA

ABV: 6.6%

Beer Style: IPA