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The design beneath the luxurious matte finish of this splendid receptacle appears, at first glance, to be tastefully mature and yet elegantly playful, not unlike 1990s-era Honor Blackman. On closer inspection, one can discern what appears to be a scene depicting a swirling orgy of maritime despair. Perhaps these wretched creatures are as thirsty as I am! Let’s dive in…

The Pour

In the pouring, the glass is filled with a churning maelstrom of off-white foam that soon calms into a tight and satisfying head. Beneath this, the deep, deep black cherry hue speaks of molten liquorice. While gazing into this, I catch sight of a gurning, drooling troll with a look of desperation in its one good eye. My revulsion vanishes when I recognise this as my own reflection in the glass, and I realise just how eager I am to start tasting!

The Aroma & Flavour

As I raise the vessel to my face, my nostrils are filled with the heady aroma of treacle. The finger of trepidation jabs me in the ribs; will this brew be inaccessibly heavy? Any such reservations are short-lived. The beer passes my lips, coating them with the sticky sweetness of that same liquorish I had foreseen through the glass. Immediately, I want another mouthful. This beer is like one of the mischievous Norse imps on the can, tossing a never-ending volley of Pontefract cakes at my face while I sit like a shameless chocolate Labrador, gamely opening my greedy funnel to guzzle it all down.

Brass Castle Monsters of The Deep Beer
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

When I finally slow the pace, the darkness, which had my tongue exploring its flavours like a deep sea submersible plumbing the light-starved abyss, is subtly illuminated by the gentle crackle of cinnamon and, once again, the imp of moreishness will not be ignored.

In Summary

The overall experience is like a midnight voyage over a still and silent Baltic Sea, with occasional glimpses of the aurora borealis. Or like kissing a Labrador that looks like Honor Blackman – whichever appeals most to you.

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The Facts

Brewery:Brass Castle Brewery

Beer Name:Monsters of The Deep


Beer Style:Stout