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Avast! What is this advancing upon us over the high seas? Is it some scurvy seadog peddling a watery broth fit only for swilling the deck? Or is this proud galleon here to plough a briny furrow upon an ocean of swashbuckling swiggery? I’ve donned my tricorn hat, strapped on my best eye patch and oiled up my wooden leg, so let’s weigh anchor, hoist the main sail and explore these uncharted waters! Yaaaarrrrrr!

The Pour

Pleasingly, the head froths and foams like breakers tumbling against the shores of an islandly idyll – a glorious oasis amid the swelling, tossing desert of blue – and through the gentle fizz I can hear the enticing song of Homer’s Sirens as they tantalise and tempt me to taste their piscine potation. As my uncle said before he succumbed to the merciless Kraken, “Never rub a mermaid up the wrong way!” He was a wise man – if a little cavalier in his approach to calamari – so I’ll heed his words and allow myself to be cajoled…

The Aroma & Flavour

The initial impact is a tsunami of banana sweetness. Or maybe there are notes of those pink shrimps that used to cost one penny each from the local sweet shop. Either way, it is a delightful flavour, and rather surprising given that I had anticipated something altogether more aquatic.

A surge of hoppy bitterness sweeps in and threatens to flood the whole affair, but this is reined back just in time, in the same way that Poseidon would perch upon his subaqueous chariot and wrangle his fleet of mighty, jostling seahorses. Masterful!

Abbeydale Voyager IPA beer review
Poseidon doing his thing!

In Summary

If the idea of having an ancient Greek deity galavanting around upon your tongue appeals, then a few cans of Voyager IPA will leave you feeling like a very Jolly Roger!

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The Facts

Brewery: Abbeydale Brewery

Beer Name: Voyager IPA

ABV: 5.6%

Beer Style: IPA