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Here we have a striking-looking handful! The can appears to depict the result of an improbable carnal union between wittering nerd-for-hire Richard Ayoade and ageing glam rock rook-alike Joan Jett. This unlikely offspring seems to be engaging in some kind of mystical tomfoolery in order to levitate an assortment of fruit and foaming beverages. If this vessel was designed to add a sense of intrigue, it has succeeded. Let’s see what it’s all about…

The Pour

Unlike Mr Ayoade and Ms Jett, this beer is rather thin on top. Within seconds of pouring, the head has disappeared, and what remains resembles a glass of freshly-squeezed tropical fruit juice. Were it served in a bar, the uneducated might complain; to the more open-minded customer (like you and me), this is an opportunity to taste something potentially wonderful.

The Aroma & Flavour

The slightest sniff and I am subjected to a zesty olfactory assault – almost acidic – and at first it is quite alarming. Is it safe to drink? Will it dissolve my teeth and reduce my tongue to a useless, lolling flap?

The answer is, obviously, no, or else how could I now be typing this with my tongue?

Grafter IPA is surprisingly rounded but bright – a kind of hop-based Rachel Riley. Despite its still and opaque appearance in the glass, there is a refreshing effervescence in the mouth that few drinkers would fail to find pleasure in. Follow that up with grapefruit bitterness and, by golly, it ain’t half drinkable!

abbeydale brewery grafter beer
What an offspring it would be!

In Summary

If you’re looking for a flavoursome drop at a respectable strength, then you may just find that Grafter is the best medicine!

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The Facts

Brewery: Abbeydale Brewery

Beer Name: Grafter IPA

ABV: 5.8%

Beer Style: IPA