Well, doesn’t this look like a gnarly brew? A jolly illustration of a hop-headed surfer riding a bright green wave on an ocean of fruit salad tells me I’m in for an interesting ride! If Salvador Dali had directed the 1990s celluloid hymn to adrenaline addiction and poor banking etiquette that is Point Break, he would no doubt have plied Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves with such a beverage prior to filming. That’s a movie that we’d all like to see, but is this IPA a beer we all want to drink? Let’s find out…

The Pour

The crystal clear liquid sits in the glass like glowing amber, while above it there pops and fizzes a layer of foam and froth that would have made Mr Swayze feel right at home. The beer keeps its head admirably, which is more than I could do if I were bobbing about on a length of fibreglass off the coast of Formby. It’s an inviting sight (the beer – not me in a wetsuit).

The Aroma & Flavour

All thoughts of the briny depths drift from my mind as scents of grapefruit and passion fruit greet my nose. I take a mouthful and the flavour that envelopes my eager palate is the gustatory equivalent of an overfed, undereducated but well-behaved child: full-bodied and dense with a welcome sweetness. However, like the marriage of this child’s parents (who have been growing apart ever since Mum started to suspect that her husband might be having it away with Lorraine in Accounts), the sweetness does not last, and you’re left with nothing but bitterness. That’s bad news for the kid’s parents, but great news for you as you take another mouthful and experience again the ebb and flow of flavours.

What a gnarly beer dude!

In Summary

And so we’re back on the ocean waves! The flavours here are bold; this may be the beer for those who, like Patrick Swayze in Point Break, look to push the boundaries.

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The Facts

Brewery: Abbeydale Brewery

Beer Name: 12 Noon West Coast IPA

ABV: 6.5%

Beer Style:IPA